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MO.2.6 - Advances in Spatial Information Science 2

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Moderators :Eric GUILBERTGeorge SITHOLESpeakers :Patrick HÜBNER : Voxel-based indoor reconstruction from hololens triangle meshesIhab HIJAZI ...

MO.2.4 - Advances in Spatial Information Science 1

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Moderators : Marguerite MADDENSisi ZLATANOVASpeakers : Juqing LIU : Design and implementation of trajectory data management and analysis technology framew...

MO.1.5 - High Precision Positioning & Mapping

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Moderator : Raul QUEIROZ FEITOSA Mikel GALAR : Learning Super-Resolution for Sentinel-2 Images with real ground truth data from a reference SatelliteSylvia SCHMITZ : Incorporating interferometric co...

MO.1.3 - Multi Sensorial Data Processing

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Moderator : Stefan HINZ Stefan BLASER : Centimetre-accuracy in forests and urban canyons - combining a high-performance image-based mobile mapping backpack with new georeferencing methodsChristoph WEIDIN...